Frank Pilato Spettri

Spettri is an initiatory path in six steps: an emotional collection turns to cause a clear awareness of the real fears and the emotional blocks of the human kind. Every track talks about a specific soul spirit, trying to explain the inner journey, feelings, thrills in all their sensitive and subtle shades. Album recorded, mixed and mastered in 6 days using the first two takes in the 3 sessions as a live studio ep. This work has been produced by Regione Toscana in collaboration with Toscana100band. "6711 Yucca st" I wrote this piece in 2005 when I lived in Los Angeles at 6711 Yucca st in Hollywood when I realized that there was something beyond rationality and known. "Spettri" is a collection of thoughts, concepts, ideas of particular moments in my life that I've been forced to deal with sooner or later. Every shades talks about a specific soul spirit. "Oktophobie" inspired to Karlheinz Stockhausen's Oktophonie represents the summary of the human fears. "Psicomagia" Alejandro Jodorowsky: "The aim of a psycomagic rite is to release us from the mental cage that our family, society and culture leave us." Meeeting Jodorowsky changed deeply my vision of art and life. "Golden Vanity" When I wrote Golden Vanity I was get in touch with shamanic tribes: they completely dyed my whole body golden and this has been a very important rite for me that consecrated my "recognition of the sacred himself". "L'Innamorato" the Major Arcana number VI of the tarots is called the lover. That tarot pushes us to ask ourselves about our emotional life. Produced by Frank Pilato with Regione Toscana & Toscana 100 Band Music composed, arranged, mixed, edited and mastered by Frank Pilato.

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